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Sick and tired of having tired feet? Looking for a simple way to relax after a long day of standing and walking around at work? Here’s the solution! Buy one of these, the best foot massagers available.

If your feet are sore or tired, you’re in the right place.

Picture of two feet and a handWelcome to RelaxingFoot.com, where we help you take care of an essential body part – your feet! Our buying guides and detailed comparison charts can help you find an electric foot massager, or get the best at home foot spa. We also have reviews of individual electric foot massagers and educational articles about taking care of your feet, like these tips from a podiatrist.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift idea for your beloved? Consider a foot spa bath. Here’s why a relaxing home foot spa makes a great Christmas gift in 2017 for your wife. Give her the gift of relaxation!

Choosing the Best Foot Massager

To simplify your buying process, here are the Relaxing Foot top four electric foot massagers.

View the Homedics FMS-270H on Amazon.

Homedics FMS-270H

First up is the Homedics FMS-270H. This is a simple machine at a low price point. You can find cheaper ones out there with a little effort or on sale, but remember, you get what you pay for. This is as low as I’d go. That said, there are a few decent bells and whistles here, like heat and 18 massage nodes. This popular model is usually available for around $50-$65. Massages the soles only.

View AM-201 on Amazon

AM-201 in Red

Next, at a slightly higher price point is the AM-201 Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager Personal Health Studio. This one also massages the sides of your ankles, gives a really firm rub, and includes a remote control. It has four modes, and can be found from $125 to its list price of $199.

View MediMassager MMF06 on Amazon


Third, a very popular mid-range model is the MediMassager MMF06. This variable speed device relies on very powerful vibration to work, focusing on the soles of your feet and oscillating at 1,000-3,700 revolutions per minute. Check out our full MMF06 review here. This one’s starting to get a little pricier at $225 – $300, but it’s totally worth it if you need it.

View the MK9199 on Amazon

Massage King MK9199

Finally, for the “king” of foot and leg massagers, we recommend the Massage King MK9199. This beast works on your soles, legs, knees and thighs all at once, using a combination of heat, mechanical rollers, and an array of air bags. It’s pricey, usually in the $400 range, but if you can afford it, it’s well worth it.

All the affiliate links above go to Amazon, my favorite place to shop online. Still looking? Check out the complete electric massager comparison chart if you need more information and details.

Why Consider a Foot Massager?

As the foundation of your body, your feet work hard every day! They carry around your body weight all day, every day. No wonder many of us experience sore feet and are looking for ways to relax them! An electric foot massager or home foot spa can be just what your feet are looking for.

Foot massages can definitely be romantic!

Foot massages can definitely be romantic!

For most people, a foot massage isn’t just therapeutic, it’s also very pleasurable, even romantic or erotic. Massaging feet by hand is a therapeutic practice that’s been used for hundreds of years. Did you know that each of your foot has more than 7,000 nerves to stimulate? A good massage helps to relieve stress and helps to relax your whole body. It also encourages blood flow to your extremities, helping relieve pain and tension in your feet as well as your lower legs. Massage can also improve the effects of neuropathy and help with sensitive feet of diabetics who especially need increased oxygenated blood flow in their extremities.

If you have someone around who’s willing to give you foot rubs every night, that’s great! For most of us, though, our spouse or children quickly tire of helping you. Having a machine to help can make a big difference! Or, of course, if you’re the one who’s constantly being asked to rub someone else’s feet, (here’s how) then a foot massage machine might be the perfect gift for them!

If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift idea, one of these makes a fantastic gift. Here’s why: Many people would love to have one, but some of those people might be reluctant to get one for themselves because it can seem like a little bit of a luxury item. But if it makes you feel better when you get home from work, it’s totally worth it! And of course, if you have a medical need, then a medical quality massager isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

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Medical Disclaimer

As you’re reading information on RelaxingFoot.com, please be aware I am not a doctor, and nothing written on this site should be construed as medical information. If you’re experiencing foot pain or any other medical issue, you should see a doctor. Causing damage to your feet by using an improper device or using it incorrectly is a real possibility. As a starting point if you’re experiencing foot pain, read what the Mayo Clinic has to say on the topic.