Shiatsu Reflex Roller Massager Review

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The Reflex Roller shiatsu foot massager is a simple but effective massage machine in a relatively unique style, using rollers encased in an attractively colored blue cloth. But is it worth buying? Keep reading this review to find out if it’s a good fit for your needs.

Lots of machines achieve their results through a combination of vibration or percussion. The Reflex Roller eschews all that to focus solely on a rolling motion, which lets it have a greater effect on the tissue farther inside your feet. Unlike many other massagers, this one uses simple powered rollers to give your feet a deep-kneading massage.

Reflex Roller Massager Review – Advantages

A nice thing about using rollers is that your feet don’t have to squeeze into a certain size boot or space. If your foot is the right size, you can squeeze it in between some of the rollers to get more side compression, but you’ll still get the benefits if your foot isn’t exactly the right size.

Also, it’s easy to adjust the pressure of your foot massage by just lessening how hard you’re pressing your sole onto the rollers. You can also add a towel or blanket under your feet if the pressure is too much for you.

As far as controls, this one’s pretty simple – which is probably an advantage! There’s a dial to control speed, and a switch to rotate forwards or backwards.

Different Positions

Different Positions

The most unique feature is that the Reflex Roller can also be used as a shiatsu neck massager. Just put it behind your neck while you’re sitting down, and let it do its thing. You can also use it on your thigh or another body part, but it might take some gymnastics to get there.

For a kneading massager, the Reflex Roller is relatively cheap. Judging from users’ experiences, the quality is generally pretty good, but the low price reveals itself in a couple ways.

It’s also lightweight and the design gives it a convenient handle, so it’s good for taking on a trip to use after a long day of walking and sightseeing, or after sitting in an uncomfortable airplane seat for hours.


First, this is not from a big brandname, like Osim or  Medimassager. It comes with a warranty, but with an offbrand product like this you’re always gambling a little.

The most common problem or point of failure for this machine is the cloth cover. Quite simply, it wears out after enough use. There’s not really any way around that with a cloth cover, although maybe using a towel could help extend its life.

Do note that this is intended to be used while sitting. If you stand on it, it might break. It should be pretty obvious to sit, though, since balancing on it standing would be really difficult!

According most of the shiatsu reflex roller massager reviews, this is a relatively quiet electric foot massager. That means it’s fine to use while watching TV, or maybe even under your desk at work. If you press on it too hard, it can get a little squeaky, but with normal usage it’s fine.


Overall, this is a great massager for the price. Yes, it’s not from a name brand, and the cloth cover probably won’t last forever, but it does do a good job of giving a shiatsu foot massage without uncomfortable percussion and vibration. Check it out on Amazon here to see the current price and buy one for yourself.

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