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Getting your feet massaged is an awesome feeling, right? We’ve gone over some of the reasons for a foot massager, and that’s fine for while you’re at home, but what about when you’re traveling? You need something you can carry with you that fits into your bag.

So, here are a few competitors for best portable foot massager. As a bonus, most of these also work as under-desk massager, and all of these are battery-powered. If battery power isn’t important to you, look at the main list and just pick a small one. 🙂

As usual, there are several different styles available at various price points, so you need to figure out what’s important to you. Are you looking for heat? Pulse? Vibration? As you read these reviews, keep in mind the features you’re seeking and the budget you have to spend.

Portable Foot Massager Comparison

Cordless Heated Massager on AmazonFirst up is this little Cordless Vibrating Massager. It’s from a no-name brand, which is always a little scary, but it looks really comfortable, and the price is reasonable. It takes four AA batteries, which unfortunately are not included.

It does offer two levels of vibration, comfy fleece, and a removable, washable cover. Oddly, it advertises two included microwaveable gel packs for additional heat, probably implying the warmer’s not all that strong by itself. The gel packs are a creative solution, but I’m a little skeptical because you’d need a hotel room with a microwave, and it seems to me like they could perhaps get lost. What do you think?

Massage pad portable foot massager on AmazonAnother unique option is this Vibrating Foot Massage Pad. It runs on either two AA batteries, or an included USB cable so you can power it from your desktop computer or laptop (note that the length of included cable isn’t specified). Painted in what appears to be Imperial Star Destroyer grey, the dimensions of this little device are only 6″ x 3 1/2″ x 2″ so it should be easy to pack along with you.

The chief criticisms of this one are that the vibrator a little noisy (which is fine if you’re by yourself in a hotel room, but not as good for under your desk at work), and you can only do one foot at a time. Of course, this one costs less than half as much as the above fleece model, so you could just buy two!

The final option I’m going to cover here is the Homedics HHP-110-THP Thera-P Massager. This one requires two AAA batteries (again, not included), and has a few distinct advantages. First, it’s from Homedics, one of the most popular brands in this space. Second, it’s at a low price point, midway between the previous two we discussed.

Also, it’s pretty small, making it a nice shape to toss into your suitcase, and it’s designed to be used on multiple body parts – your feet, legs, back, wherever you can reach that you want invigorated. It comes with three twist-off attachments: spot, wide area (pictured, I think), and roller.

I hope one of those three options helps you find a device so you’re comfortable even when you’re away from the comforts of home. Remember, when you’re traveling, you’re probably walking around and putting more pressure on your body than it’s used to.

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for in these options, take a look around the rest of the site – I’m sure you can find something that will work! Finally, here’s a traveling song for you to enjoy as you get ready for your trip!

Image Credit: “:) Smiley Face Feet 11-22-09 1″ by Steve Depolo” via Creative Commons on Flickr.

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