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Lots of people have an irrational dislike of feet. They have a reputation for being dirty, rough, and generally unsavory. Fortunately, that can be fixed. Washing your feet is a given, but how do you deal with rough, callused feet? Especially for those of us who like to wear sandals or go barefoot, it’s easy for your heels to quickly appear rough and callused.

View on AmazonSo how do you get rid of calluses on your heels? Enter the Amopé Pedi Perfect electronic callus remover. There are a ton of electronic files, brushes, and other voodoo skin softeners out there, and of course, many swear by a pumice stone or creams, but for ease of use, effectiveness, and cleanliness, my vote goes to the Pedi Perfect. It also appears to be a great way to remove foot calluses from diabetes. (It’s explicitly labeled as not intended for diabetics, but a number of reviewers claim to have diabetes and to use it successfully – I make no medical or safety recommendations).

My Pedi Perfect Review

The Pedi Perfect is an electric callus remover intended to be used on your feet, especially on your heels. It take four AA batteries, which spin a round Micralumina replaceable head. It’s similar to an electric shaver for your face, but there are no sharp blades, just a rough, round head. I guess this device is somewhere between a palm sander and the battery powered razor I use on my chin.

One roller head is included in the retail packaging, and you can buy replacements heads. The package also includes the four batteries.

Refill roller heads come in a two pack, available here on Amazon. Amazon has them as a subscribe and save option, so you can save a few extra cents if you order on a subscription plan. Just like with razor blades, the base unit is relatively cheap and the replacement heads are probably where the company makes their money. Still, the replacement heads are reasonably priced and really, how often are you going to need to replace them anyway? One reviewer mentioned that a single roller lasted her over a month with use every other day. Obviously, your mileage will vary based on how often you use it.

When I saw this, I was automatically a little suspicious of it being a scam product, since gimmicky products like this seen in tv ads are often junk. However, the Amazon reviews are generally very positive.

Check out the reviews yourself here.

Here’s the tv ad:

The biggest criticism seems to be that if you press it firmly to your skin, the motor isn’t always powerful enough to keep the head rotating. Fortunately, you aren’t supposed to need to press very firmly for it to work. I also wonder if changing the batteries might help some of those complaining. I know when my razor gets close to needing charging, it gets weaker and weaker before it dies.

When using it, you keep moving it around on the cracked, dry areas of your foot. Don’t leave it in one place for longer than a second or two. Most reviewers report that treating their feet for up to a minute eliminated pretty much all their calluses. Buffing off the dead skin is better than trying to slice or pick them off, which can cause infection.

For cleaning, the roller head is removable and can be rinsed off in the sink or shower. The base unit is not waterproof, so be sure to remove the roller to wash it.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Pedi Perfect is intended to be used on dry feet. Don’t soak your feet first! After using it, of course, feel free to give your feet a nice soak and massage in a home foot spa. It works by removing the dead skin that makes up calluses. You can learn the medical information behind calluses here.

If you’re looking for the best electronic foot callus remover, the Pedi Perfect is the best option I’ve found. You can buy it on Amazon here.

Do you have other ways of removing calluses, or have you found another good device? Share below in the comments!

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