The King of Foot Massagers – Iliving MK-9199 Review

Looking for simply the best foot and leg massager  money can buy? Maybe it’s this elite model.

Read the Iliving MK-9199 review here to find out if this beast can help you relax.

Iliving MK-9199 Review

Formerly known as the Massage King MK9199 foot and leg massager, the rebranded Iliving MK-9199 is an adjustable, heated electric foot and leg massager designed to relax everything from your knees down. Using rollers and air bags, this machine gives a comprehensive lower body massage, working to relax your feet, ankles, calves, and knees.

Unlike any other model reviewed on this site, this one even works up to your thighs, and the upper section can be adjusted in a range from 0-90 degrees to correctly fit your body shape. Reviews indicate this should fit any reasonably sized person weighing under about 325 pounds.


The marquee feature of this device is the ability to work on your ankles, knees, and thighs at the same time as your feet. This is one of the most powerful massage machines available, so if others haven’t pushed or rubbed hard enough for you, the MK-9199 might finally satisfy what you’re looking for.

The angle is adjustable, so you can even lay it flat in bed if desired, although it’s intended to be used from a seated position in a chair.

As far as controls, the panel has adjustments for turning the heating feature on  or off, adjusting the strength in various increments, a function button with options for feet, calves, and air, a size control with small, medium, and large, and two automatic settings. The package comes with an instruction manual and power cord.


The primary downside reported by most users is that the foot rollers are too strong for some people. Fortunately, the foot rollers can be disabled if desired, and you can still use it for a pressure massage on the knees and leg. If you’re looking for something just for your feet, there are many other good options available, like the Personal Health Studio ZH-9902. Don’t get this just for the soles or heels of your feet.

Second, some purchasers have reported issues with loose wiring, sometimes caused during shipping. While this raises some concerns about build quality, others have reported being able to work with the purchaser. If you buy from a reputable retailer, you should be able to work with them as well if you should be unlucky enough to get a defective unit delivered. There are also isolated reports of the air pressure bags not working or hoses becoming disconnect, but again, these are fixable.

Like so many similar appliances, this device is imported, and the instruction manual is translated…badly. One review even describes the manual as “a fine work of comedy.” Whether badly translated instructions are a positive or a negative is of course a matter of personal preference!

Finally, the elephant in the room for a purchase like this is the price. This is one of the pricier options available in the category, although it’s not out of line for what it does. If you want something to massage your knees, you have limited options and you’ll need to pay.


If you’re in the market for a full massage machine for your legs, knees, and feet, and if you want a powerful, almost painfully strong feel, the MK-9199 is what you seek. If you’re just looking for a strong foot massager, there are cheaper options available that are just as strong, such as the MMF06 MediMassager.

You can purchase the MK-9199 Plus Multi-Function Massager on Amazon.

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