Kendal MS0810M Foot Spa Massager Review

A Word About Quality

If you’re thinking about buying any kind of home foot spa, you know that it needs to offer something that an ordinary bucket of water filled with warm water doesn’t. If you’re not getting any more benefit than you would from a bucket of water, why spend the money to buy a dedicated device? The best foot spas have all sorts of features, like heat, massage wheels, bubbles, and even vibrating massagers.

Something better than this!

Something better than this!

Of course, especially at the low end of the price range (probably anything under around $40), it’s a gamble whether or not all these bells and whistles will actually work. Some of the cheapest home spas are extremely popular thanks to their low cost, but they break quickly, leaving you with an expensive bucket, rather than a cheap massage tool.

It’s well worth spending a little bit more to get something that will last. All the fancy sounding bells and whistles in the world aren’t worth anything if they don’t work.

So, if you’re willing to spend a reasonable amount of money for some more quality, the Kendal MS0810M All in One Foot Spa Massager might be just what you’re looking for. It offers lots of features, but at a higher build quality than most of its cheaper competition. In this review, we’ll go through some of the features to help you decide if this device will provide your feet with the relaxation they crave.

Kendal Foot Spa Review

The first significant feature of any electric foot bath is the heater. The main reason someone buys one of these instead of just using the bucket from the shelf in the laundry room is that they keep the water heated. It’s no fun to soak your feet in cold water! Unfortunately, the heating element is one of the most common places for manufacturers, particularly off-brand manufacturers, to skimp. Either the heater doesn’t work at all, it doesn’t get the water very warm, or it stops working after just a few uses.

Fortunately, this Kendal model excels at heating the water. It’s advertised as using a US made DuPont heater with protection against overheating. Many reviewers point out that it really does heat up the water and maintain it at a pleasant temperature, although it may take 5 or so minutes to initially heat up cold water. In fact, it’s even capable of getting the water up to an unpleasantly hot temperature if you leave the heat on too long. It holds between a gallon and 6 quarts of water.

One of the highest reviewed features of this particular model are the bubbles. One reviewer describes them as “nirvana!” Unlike many competitors which have wimpy bubbles, you can actually feel the bubbles from this Kendal.

The two rollers are removable, and if there’s a single disadvantage to this machine noted by a fair number of reviewers, it’s that the rollers and plastic bumpy nubs on the bottom can be too sharp. The infrared lights don’t really do much, unless you believe in light therapy. Personally, I’m skeptical.

Kendal MS08010M Review PictureNevertheless, this spa is made of high quality plastic, and it weights 5.3 pounds. The plug needs 110 volt power at 60 hertz, and it draws 380 watts. Even with the heat and massage motor on, it’s not excessively loud, sort of around the volume of sitting near the dishwasher. Also, you can use bath salts in it without any issue.

Control Options:
The controls for the MS0810M consist of a single knob with 4 positions. The options are “Off” (self-explanatory), “V+L” (vibration and infrared lights), “H+B” (heat and bubbles), “H+B+V+L” (heat, bubbles, vibration, and infrared lights).

Foot-size-wise, you can comfortably fit feet all the way up to a US male shoe size 14 foot, so it should accommodate any size women’s foot. However, the design is perhaps a little shorter than it ought to be. Don’t expect the water to cover past your ankles, especially if you turn the bubbles on. Over-filling it and turning on bubbles will lead to water running over onto the floor.

Overall, the Kendal MS0810M is well worth taking a look at if you’re considering a home foot spa massager. It’s notably higher quality than many of its competitors. Take a look at the reviews on Amazon before buying it, though, to make sure that it’s right for you. Otherwise, check out this list of other options!

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  1. john

    where can you buy one in ontario, canada?

    • Daniel

      I don’t know locally, but I’d think you could still get it online in Canada. I’m in Iowa, so I’m not sure.

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