Carepeutic Waterfall Foot and Leg Massager Spa Review

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Carepeutic 20lb Foot and Leg Spa Massager

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a new product on this blog! Today, I’m reviewing a new high-end foot and leg spa massager from Carepeutic.

The marketing material for this machine uses lots of fancy words, claiming the “ozone therapy” will “refresh meridians of body.” I don’t care about any of that garbage. What I care about is whether or not this foot and leg spa is worth over $200!

Here are my questions:

  1. Is it built well? That means no leaks, quality plastic, good controls, and most importantly, a guarantee it won’t electrocute anyone!
  2. Does it heat water well? Too many low-end spa’s turn out to be just a bucket.
  3. Do the massagers and jets serve a purpose? See previous comment about a bucket. I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for a pail of water.

Carepeutic Spa Review

Let’s start with the superficial. This thing looks looks to me like a composting toilet (sorry, but it does!). I’m not sure if that’s an improvement or not over this motorized foot spa bath from Natsukage which looks like a hospital wastebasket. Your call. Either way, this isn’t a living room conversation piece.

That said, I’m ok with the red color design. It looks a little like a beverage cooler my parents had growing up.

So, looks aside, let’s get to the first of the important questions: Build quality. Frankly, from all the Carepeutic spa bath reviews I’ve read, this is the area that’s most hit or miss. Most people love it.

There have been a few, though, who have received defective units, had the waterfall pump break, or even received one that leaked! That’s why it’s important to purchase from a reputable dealer, like Amazon. I know I’d only get something like this from a site where I know the return policy.

My second question was about water heating. Short version: It works.

Long version: Yes, this unit effectively heats up water. As they ought to for the price, Carepeutic includes a thermostat. The max temperature is about 118° F (48° C for you in the rest of the world), which is very hot for something you’re sticking body parts into! A more normal temperature is about 108° F. And, thanks to the mica and ceramic double-insulation, it’ll even hold the heat for a while after you turn it off.

Third, the jets and massagers. Negatives first: The bubbles are basically useless. However, the high-quality powered foot massage rollers make up for it. The two water jets are adjustable as well, which is a nice bonus. There’s also a nice waterfall feature.

Carepeutic Foot Spa Massage Rollers As far as controls, it comes with a variety of programs to manipulate the time, temperature, bubbles, and massage. Or, of course, you can set everything manually to get it to your preference, and the water temperature will stay within your desired heat range.

Of course, you can add herbs and salts to soak in (it is a foot spa, after all!), but anything with leaves needs to be in a bag to avoid clogging the rollers. There’s a basket included to hold your mineral bag.

Another positive is the drainage system. Although there’s an isolated report of one unit not draining, it should be simple to use. Basically, move it over a drain (there are wheels to help you move it), extend the spout, and start the automatic drain cycle. It leaves a few tablespoons of water, but that’s no big deal. The whole system is certainly better than picking it up and hefting the full bucket over to the sink or tub to empty!


It’ll fit up to size 14 feet comfortably, with a reviewer noting he fit his size 15 feet in barely. The power cord is completely retractable, and there’s a storage compartment (for what? Not sure. Maybe for a pumice stone?)


• Length front to back: 21 inches
• Width side to side: 16.3 inches
• Height (external): 17 inches


  • Well designed, especially details like power cord compartment, hidden wheels, and mineral bag basket
  • Automatic Drain feature works well
  • Big size – comfortably fits even large feet
  • Excellent heater


  • Cost – this is definitely the high end of what I’d pay for a foot/leg spa
  • Build issues – for some reason, no one in this industry seems to have totally solved quality control, and there are reports of occasional issues with individual units



If you’re serious about getting the best foot and leg spa and you can afford it, this is your best bet. Go for it!

You can find it here on Amazon.

* I’m unable to find much of any information about Carepeutic as a company, although I think it’s safe to say it’s not this company.

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