Best At Home Foot Spa Guide 2016

Finding the best at home foot spa quickly becomes an overwhelming task, as I discovered when I started writing this guide. There are many options available, many of which seem to be basically junk. So how do you start finding the gems available in 2016 amidst all the cheap junk without spending a fortune? Well, I’ve done a lot of the work for you with this helpful comparison chart.

What could be more relaxing than soaking your feet in a nice foot spa bath after a long day of working or taking care of your children? But where do you start?

I’ve read through the reviews, and figured out which features actually matter, and which are just hype and don’t live up to your expectations. My comparison chart will help you find the best option for your budget and your unique needs. A detailed explanation of all columns in this table is located below. Sort by price, by features, or by reviews from real customers.

Guide to Finding the Best At Home Foot Spa

Foot SpaBrandHeatBubblesMassagePriceRating
Hot Spa Ultimate Foot Bath #61360

Hot Spa Ultimate on Amazon
Hot ToolsYesYesJets and passive rollers.$$$A
Foot Bath Massager FM3830A

Pibbs FM3830A on Amazon
Foot Bath with Bubbles and Heat

Conair with Bubbles and Heat on Amazon
FB-300 Jetspa Elite Jet Action Footbath

HoMedics FB-300 Jetspa Elite on Amazon
HoMedicsWeakYesJets and Spinning$$B
FB-50 Bubble Bliss Deluxe Foot Spa

FB-50 Bubble Bliss Deluxe on Amazon
HoMedicsWeakYesPassive Only$C
Massaging Jet Foot Spa

Conair Massaging Jet Foot Spa on Amazon
ConairWeakYesPassive massage only, but with many fixed attachments. Jets are good, but cause water to splash.$$C+
Aqua-Jet Foot Spa

Brookstone Aqua-Jet on Amazon
BrookstoneYesYesPassive rollers, but strong water jets.$$$A+
Invigorating Aromatherapy Foot Spa With Bubbles Includes Aromatherapy Scented Powder

Dr. Scholl's Aromatherapy with Bubbles and Powder on Amazon
Dr. Scholl'sNoWeakPassive Only$$C-
61355 Foot Bath Plus with Acupressure Massage Center

61355 Bath Plus with Acupressure on Amazon
Hot SpaWeakYesPassive Only - No jets$$C+
Helen Of Troy Professional Ultimate Foot Bath

Helen of Troy Professional on Amazon
Hot SpaYesYesPassive Only$$$B-

Best At Home Foot Spa Comparison Chart Details

A few words of explanation about the chart:

The images and product titles are links to Most of these are probably available elsewhere, but in my experience, Amazon usually has the best selection, price, and by far the best reviews.

Brand is self-explanatory. It’s included here so you can sort the comparison chart by brand and compare multiple products from the same company.

Heat refers to whether or not this particular at home foot spa claims to offer heat. I’ve looked through the reviews of each product, and it’s clear that not every one lives up to its claims. So, if it doesn’t claim to offer heat, I’ve marked it as “No.” If it seems to provide decent heat, I’ve put “Yes.” And, for the many that claim to provide heat, but don’t seem to actually do so, and for those that claim to keep warm or hot water at whatever temperature they were when they were filled, but not to actually heat up cold water, I’ve labeled them as “Weak.”

Bubbles is a similar category. Most of these claim to have a bubble feature, but it’s clear from reviews that many of them added this only as an afterthought. If reviewers didn’t like the bubbles, I’ve again put “Weak.”

Massage is a bit complicated. Some foot spas have a full-blown powered massage feature, which I’ve labeled as “Powered.” Most have at least a textured base that you can rub your own feet across, which I’ve labeled as “Passive.” A few might have none, which of course I’ve appropriately labeled as “None.” Some are more complicated, and have something like a spinning protrusion in the middle, or something similar, which I’ve tried to briefly label accordingly.

Perhaps the most important category, price uses dollar signs to represent the approximate list price range of the product. Of course, prices may vary at any time, or there may be discounts or sales, so you’ll need to look at a store for an exact price.

  • $ = $30 and below – the really cheap stuff
  • $$ = $30 to $75
  • $$$ = $75 to $150
  • $$$$ = $150 and above

Finally, rating is my subjective opinion based on features, quality, and the reviews of others. I make no guarantees, so be sure to check out the reviews on Amazon before you by. They have by far the most reviews, and people tend to be pretty honest. Obviously, an A rating is better than a C. In general, you get what you pay for, and my ratings are scaled by price.

Ultimately, choosing the best at home foot spa for you in 2016 is an epic task, and which one is best probably is an ultimately subjective opinion. Use this comparison chart as a starting point to find which spas have the features you want. Then, click on one of the links and read through some of the reviews before making your decision. Enjoy relaxing your feet!

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  1. Obey

    Thank you very much for putting this together. It’s very useful and clear and saved me plenty of time!

  2. JoJo

    I wish you would have put them to the test yourself and truly gave a review on each one instead of just reading other reviews on the product, I already did that. This was a bit disappointing and in my opinion not really a review at all because the product was not actually tested by you. Thanks for trying.

    • Daniel

      I’m sorry this wasn’t what you were looking for. I wish I could afford to get all of these to try them myself, but that’s just not realistic for me. I know lots of people have found this chart helpful, so I’m sorry you didn’t. Best of luck finding the perfect foot spa for you!

  3. Laura

    This has saved me a ton of time. The fact that you used others reviews, and not just used your own opinion, has also been very helpful to me in choosing the right foot spa for me. Thanks!

    • Daniel

      Great to hear! Glad you found this page helpful.

  4. Pavel Wizyal

    I have a job that requires lots of physical activity and walking and buying the Foot Bath with Bubbles and Heat spa machine was the best investment i could make for my body and feet.

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