The Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Foot Massager

Debating whether or not you need a foot massager? Saw one at a friend’s house and now you’re feeling jealous? Or, perhaps you’re convinced, but you need to convince someone else, like your husband or wife. Well, without further ado, here are

The Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Foot Massager.

1. Avoid Inflicting Your Feet on Your Spouse

When you get home from work, is the first thing you say to your husband or wife, “Honey, would you rub my feet?” If your spouse is like my wife, she sighs and says, “Yes, dear, come on over.”

Of course, even though he or she is willing to set aside whatever they’re working on, they are doing it because they love you and want to show you that they appreciate the day you have had, not because they enjoy rubbing your feet. Acquiring your own foot massage machine is definitely an improvement over inflicting your feet upon your spouse every day.

2. Increase the Comfort and Happiness of Your Spouse

On the other side of the coin, what if your husband or wife is the one who comes home every day from work and wants his or her feet rubbed? Again, you do it for them out of love, but that doesn’t mean you like rubbing feet. Again, if you’re like me, you want to show appreciation and support to your spouse after the long day they’ve had, but you don’t necessarily enjoy the actual act of foot-massaging.

Foot and CandleBuying your husband, wife, or significant other a foot massager as a gift is a great solution. It says, “You matter to me and I appreciate all your efforts at work.” But, it gets you off the hook for nightly foot massaging duty. And, of course, your spouse will certainly be willing to occasionally share your generous gift with you! Not sold on a massager? Here are some reasons to get a home foot spa for your wife.

3. Save Money

If you regularly pay to go to a professional masseuse to have your feet massaged, the costs quickly add up. Getting your feet massaged is supposed to relieve your stress from work, not make you feel like you need to work more to pay for a masseuse!

Or, while it’s not a medical device and I’m not qualified to give medical advice, if you frequently visit a podiatrist, a quality foot massager might help you treat your feet yourself, again saving you money.

4. Relaxation

There’s something about sitting down and getting your feet massaged that triggers intense feelings of relaxation. Some people like to get a foot massage right before sinking into a soft bed for the night, while others want to do it as soon as they get home from work to unwind before continuing with the rest of their day.

Or, you can keep your massager under your desk at work, and relax after a frustrating meeting. Whatever your preference, those who own one know, there’s nothing like a good foot massage to help yourself relax.

5. Good Foot Health

Again, I’m not any sort of a medical professional or podiatrist, but it’s common knowledge that massages improve your health. Clearly, a foot massage helps to reduce stress, and reduced stress has all sorts of positive health effects. There’s a reason almost everyone loves a good massage. So there you have it. Less stress, better health, a happier spouse, and it feels great too! What more could you want in a device?

What are you waiting for? Check out the foot massager comparison chart!

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